Potato Planter

A potato planter is a farm implement for sowing seed potatoes. A manual planter is sometimes called a bell planter, which may have two farm hands sitting on the back whilst taking potatoes from a hopper. The length between potatoes is tolled by a bell, at the sound of which potatoes are thrown down tubes.This potato planter, which comes into being on base of the long cooperation between the factory and customers, is the ideal machine of multifunction that meets the requirements of modern agricultural. This machine can plant the potato , pachyrhizus and some tubers planters etc. It can be used for different areas, climates and soils.


Product description

  • The potato planting machine is a multifunctional planter. It can ditch and fertilize, finishing the complete process of sowing, ridging forming, planting and plastic membrane mulching.
  •  Our potato planter can meet the requirements of different ares, the natural environments, geographical features, the climates, soils and agriculture demands
  •  We apply the advanced technology to cultivator of potatoes and test their mechanical performance again and again, they are the successfully improved type.
  • This machine has the features of compact structure, good mobility, strong adaptability, simple maintenance