Fleet Guard Filters

Intake of contaminated (dust and dirt) air causes engine wear, reduced performance, and expensive maintenance. That is the reason why air filtration is a must amongst the most basic requirements for effective engine performance. Clean air is essential for maintaining the health and long life of internal combustion engines, and the purpose of an air filter is exactly that – to provide clean air by keeping damaging dust, dirt, and moisture at bay and promote increased engine life.


Product description

  • Fleetguard air filters & filtration products ensure the best engine efficiency, maintains engine output and maximizes fuel economy by meeting the quality and performance standards required by any engine.
  • A complete Air Intake System consists of components starting from rain hood, hoses, clamps, pre-cleaner, air cleaner assembly and clean side piping. Regular use of air filtration systems extends engine service intervals, keeps equipment working continuously and maximizes profitability.